Pretty Queen

Hello my dearest readers,

it has always been every girl's dream to become a princess - but not mine. One day I am going to tell you how I have become a queen and why I would encourage every girl to aim for becoming a queen. Often the mistake is made to assume that you automatically become a queen when you are living the life of a princess. Let me disagree to this. These girls might think that it is better to feel the unconditional from everyone, live in peace, having all their wishes fulfilled and be overwhealmed with compliments and sweet words. But also this dream is nothing than an illusion. It takes a little bit more to that.

But nevertheless, who says that when you are a queen you cannot get all this as well? As a queen you may at times enjoy the admiration a princess gets at a higher level that is yet to be explored by you. With a gentle barrier and a safe distance. A princess is just a princess, a queen is a few things more at the same time. She does not live according to rules or admissions, she sets those. Even in a chess game you still surrender to the queen.

The lipstick and jewelry by BornPrettyStore are as well things you surrender to because they turn even girls who are not as much into fashion to fashion lovers. Even though the store rather makes the shoppers feel like a princess yet there always arrive the things I desire worst deep in my heart to complete my style of the Dark Queen, the Bad Queen or ... the Queen Of The Night. Despite all the darkness I express I still can feel like a pretty little but very valueable doll.

Neckband - Claire's
Earrings - SIX
Watch - Chanel
Skirt - Clockhouse by C&A
Pumps - She by Karstadt

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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