Konnichwa my dearest readers,

if I did not propagate my Armenian roots as much many people would think that I come from Estonia since I share my love towards this pretty often, apart from that the country along with its culture has left a big mark on me. What many of my fellow people however underestimate is my big love towards Japan: I think I can say that since my very beginning animes, mangas and the whole Japanese pop culture have been my big passion. This is what I want to teach my new friends who have realized it so well and quick that I got two cards for the HOKUSAI X MANGA exhibition at the museum for arts and commercial enterprise in Hamburg for me and my significant other on my birthday (about which I am going to tell you more soon) with a card saying that my friend who got me this gift hopes that he and I will last for the eternity.

Those who follow me on SnapChat (ItsNotJ) have accompanied us already on Sunday.

The Japanese pop culture has been existing already since 1680. While animes and mangas in the 1990s in Europe and the United States have been to entertain children they have been the main elements of the Japanese country and culture. The art represents the country and culture and the Japenese citizens are living for and according to it. Famous "children's stuff" such as Hello Kitty or Pokémon in Japan are not only popular within the young Japenese people but also among adults in any lifestyle: from fashion to literature.

The reunion with old friends was truly a big pleasure.

Photo: Google Search - I took one myself but forgot to save it from SnapChat

Apart from the main exhibition which was in the center of the 2nd floor, the other floors provided other exhibitions such as a sneakers-, chair- or a piano-exhibition.

The exhibition still lasts until September 11th, if you have time I really recommend you to visit it. Thank you for this amazing gift M!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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