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Hello dear readers,

I still remember the last ladies night arranged by C&A I have attended to two years ago as if it was yesterday. Discount of 20 % on each shopping, drinks, red carpet and music from a DJ. With extra discount shopping twice as fun and in my case I prefer actually buying the things when I get discount on them. As a result always one big shopping bag at least comes out. In the following I present you my dreamlike dresses and a big achievement: The navy blue blouse that makes every casual outfit noble just as Catherine Oxenberg proved in the 80s series "Dynasty" in her role as Amanda Carrington.

Photo: Google

I have very much fallen in love with the Eastern European inspied Bohemian-style. The Italian giant Dolce&Gabbana introduced int two summers ago and the hype continues in the hot season as well as in the cold seasons. You may expect more of these but for now this dress will serve its best.

As a member of the dark side white is not my color but let us be serious, everyone needs a light white dress at least for the yearly holiday on the beach. Or... as my significant someone already noticed on your wedding day until you get dressed to your actual wedding dress.

Talking about the dark side no one can escape his destiny two things that are supposed to find each other will find their way to each other and stay together. Just like me and this dress. It was a separate part in my size and beloved fabrics. The color of fir-green is my favorite shade of green which I want to integrate more in my closet.

Remember, if you are interested in the particular prizes always feel free to contact me on my networks or via e-mail.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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