14 Reasons To Travel To The Mosel-River-Region

Hallo meine Lieben,

summer is officially over let us give autumn a warm welcome with memories from summer. Having this in mind I want to share my holiday experiences from late August with you. I have been at the Mosel-river-region in Rhineland-Palatinate which is located in West-Germany. We have had the almost perfect with never ending hot sunshine and not a single breeze.

I have collected 14 reasons for you to spend your next holiday at the Mosel-river-region:

1.) If you travel early in the morning you have the chance to observe the sunrise

- there is no better reason to get up early.

2.) You can observe the Mosel-River-ribbons live

- among others from the train.
- otherwise the so called Panorama-Street.

3.) You can view the little villages from above

4.) It is the origin-region of white wine

- Cheers! Every week you can find a wine street-festival in one of the villages

5.) You are connected to the nature and you can swim in a vulcano

- so far I have not experienced another place where you are so much connected to the nature. In this case the so called maars (Maare): the wood-maar (Holzmaar) and the powder-maar (Pulvermaar) - a former vulcano that is used as an outdoor swimming pool nowadays.
- the nature is so clear that the water reflects the trees.

6.) You can visit the Dr. Oetker factory

- it always smells like vanilla there.

7.) You can still find old castles all over the Mosel-river-region

8.) The architectures of the villages completely differ from the typical famous buildings of the big cities

- but mostly they are what strangers fall in love with more.

9.) Trier: the most idyllic city

- famous to stay at a health resort.

10.) As the former Roman capital it is one of the most holy (katholic) cities

- the heritage is kept in every corner of the city until nowadays.

11.) THE cathedral in which the holy tunic of Jesus Christ is kept is in Trier

- once a year you can touch the box and wish for something with its holy power.

12.) The Porta Nigra is yet not restored

- visit it in any way.

13.) Once you see the palace of Trier you are feeling to be in St. Petersburg or Tallinn.

14.) If you are coming from North-Germany and travelling by train you can see the dom-cathedral of Cologne

- and a teaser of how beautiful the city is.

I hope you have had an as relaxing and beautiful summer as I had and have collected lots of positive energy for the coming autumn/winter season.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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