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Hello my most favorite readers,

we all have favorites or rather good luck charms in our life, such as a certain color that is supposed to give us power, a pattern that is our trademark or a special brand that we love to wear. The special the occasion the more effort I give for my outfits, the single elements and the details. This is one of my major fashion philosophies: The important the occasion the earlier I start to prepare and think of the outfit for a flawless and perfect performance. Believe it or not, but people - no matter if this is their element or not - feel if your are giving effort for your looks or not. They recognize you in your passion what for you do it and recognize your love towards the occasion or even the person whom you dress up for.
The best of you consists of being true to who you are. Those who know you will always see if you are drifting apart of who are. It takes a lot of risks to notice it and speak it out but it is never a sin to encourage somebody else to be who they are. It is hard to accept this kind of feedback at first because us people are convinced that we know what we do but in the end we are just proven how wrong we are. It takes strength and self-confidence to always be oneself sometimes in this complex world. Those who do not have it for some reason of gaps in their life might feel a (positive) jealousy towards the people in their surroundings but they know that they will be thankful for those black angels who encouraged them to stay true.

Huge thanks to Tham from Thanh Nails in Hamburg at the Lange Reihe 1-5 for this beautiful and great naildo! If you are in Germany I recommend you to pass by.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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