Spy Von Karajan

Hi beautiful people,

today I have decided share confessions of an alleged spy.

Attention! A spy is easily mixed with a stalker, therefore many people quickly get scared of them.

"How do you find all this information?", I am asked pretty often. If they just knew... I am not even intentionally looking for a certain information, the information is simply crossing to way.

Meanwhile the shock turns to admiration: I am asked for help to get out a certain information about a certain person. There are good methods.

Double-faced but always honest I get to be shared information sooner or later which I in the first place need for my self-developpement - not to use it against others.

Last but not least it is not a high art to find out an information by the conclusion of time and space.

Belt - C&A
Watch - Chanel
Necklace - Claire's
Pumps - Melbury
Bracelet - I am
Earrings - Expressions
Lipstick - Debby

Xoxo ♥ von Karajan

P.S.: Thank you my new sponsors from Dresslink.

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