Fashion Made In Estonia #1 with Tanel Veenre

Tere kallid sõbrad,

if you are following me on my social networks (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) you are already informed that today I am launching my project April-project "Fashion made in Estonia". This project is about introducing you the Estonian culture of mentality and fashion. For that I have interviewed six Estonian fashion people who are talking about their work, their nation and themselves. The artists will be introduced one by one on my social media (follow me to stay tuned). For those of you who may wonder why I picked Estonia, well, it is my most favorite country which I as well admire for the fashion. Apart from that I believe that the Baltic state may be small but it is of high international potential.

I feel most honored to begin this project with the jewelry designer Tanel Veenre. The 37-year old designer has launched his jewellery label named TVJ in various European countries and Turkey. Besides from that he is a professor at the Estonian academy of Arts which he graduated in 2005. His creations differ from the average jewellery which is supposed to take the wearer on a journey.

Fall4Me: Dear Tanel, thank you for participating in my project and for agreeing to the interview. Me and my readers are very excited to read about your story. So the first questions is: What is typical Estonian about Tanel Veenre Jewellery? What makes it exclusively 'made in Estonia'?
Tanel Veenre: I am probably not the best and most typical representative of Estonian jewellery. But analyzing the Estonian jewellery phenomen that has gained lot of attention internationally I would describe it - sensitive, spiritual, acromatic, organic, thoughtful and patient. There is always something behind the surfice, nothing isn't as it seems at the first sight.

Does it make any difference to be a male or female designer in Estonia?
Estonia has a long tradition of strong female figures in jewellery - my teacher Kadri Mälk, her teacher Leili Kuldkepp, then Ede Kurrel... So if Europe is struggling with male dominant figures on the field then here it is vice versa. But personally I wouldn't have picked up this topic - talent shines through gender roles. Sometimes balance between ambition and family life makes it harder for women to be so strongly present in area - but this doesn't make the work weaker.

If you would not be a jewellry designer what would have you become?
My curse and blessing is art - this was clear from early on. So it wouldn't have mattered much wheather I have chosen graphic art, fashion, painting ... Hands on creating was my way from the beginning.

How is a woman supposed to feel when she is wearing Tanel Veenre jewellery? What is the message of your creations?
Talking about my small series ( - these delicate and colorful creations should make one feel special, cheerful, mysterious ... Different series have a different character as well. But in general - you need a creative and strong soul yourself to step into dialogue with strong pieces of jewellery.

What can the world learn from Estonian jewellery design?
Beauty of patience.

A sentence that everyone should know to say in Estonian is...?
Ilu päästab maailma / Beauty saves the world

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Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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