Denim Dream

Ciao belli,

sun is up! If it is not yet time to dream I do not know when else it is supposed to be. I may not know each one of you but I do know something about you that not even you might not about yourself: You have at least one dream! And let it be a car, health, meeting a special person, going to a special place, having a certain hair-style, realizing a project... This makes all of us a unity. The unity of dreamers. This makes all of us have something in common, even if we may not like each one, we have the chain of dream that links us to each other. So can you tell me why we still stick to this competition-thinking?
If you have a dream believe in it and never give up on it. Sometimes we are stupid enough to take a chance - do not ask yourself why you did not catch that chance. Stick to that chance learn from the situation and think of an alternative to come closer to your dream because just like we are linked to each other by our dreams our alternatives and chances are the links to our dreams!

The spring trend's name is denim, spring's motto is awake anew with your good old jeans... eh dreams!

And if you might give up on your dreams or whenever you might re-invent your dreams I will be the first one to support you with it. If it is your dream and even if I might not like it I am still going to support you.

Denim blouse & skinny jeans - New Look
Sunglasses - Carrera
Pumps - Laura Biagiotti
Lipstick - P2
Earrings - Emporio Armani

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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