Fashion Made In Estonia Part #4 With Gerda Miller

Hei kallid,

today we are coming to a completely different level of design and art in the "Fashion Made In Estonia" series by Fall4Me. It is nothing less than "face design" or rather make-up art with the commonly well-known artist Gerda Miller who brings international influence with her since she has lived in England for four years.
She herself is as artful as her art which underlines and promises lots passion and creativity. Her main statement is that everyone is different and versatile and that meanwhile you cannot speak something average in a country.

Photo: Laura Kallasvee

Fall4Me: Dear Gerda, I believe that I am not only speaking for myself but as well for my readers if I say that we are very thrilled to have the crème de la crème of Estonian artists firstly joining my project and secondly honors me and my readers on my blog, so thank you for that.
What is typical Estonian about make-up by Gerda Miller?

Gerda Miller: I don’t have a typical or specific make-up for Estonians, I’d say that it all depends on the person and their wishes on what I will create.

What makes it exclusively 'made in Estonia’?
Uhh, I don’t even know…Made by an Estonian artist?

You had lived in England for quite a long time. Was it hard to have a career as make-up artist?
I have lived in London for 4 years, I don’t know if it is a long time but long enough to see that the life there isn’t easy. As in every big city it’s hard to make a career, whatever the career would be, 'cause there are so many talented people and so few good/dream jobs. But 'cause of the competition you work harder and you most definitely become better at what you do.

What kind of feedback did you get for your styling?
'Cause London is so multicultural city, there are as many different styles/looks as there are people, so everyone who walked in to our store (Make Up Store) had a vision what they like and what they wanna get, so our job was to create it, even if it meant being out of your comfort zone. I was lucky that all my client were happy with their make-up. :)
How important is it to wear make-up in Estonia?
I think it's really individual how much or often people in Estonia wear make-up so I can’t really say that it’s super important or that it’s not important at all.

Do Estonian women put a high value on being natural?
They do and they don’t, as again depending on a person what they prefer. Lot of people don’t wear any make-up or wear only light coverage organic make-up products and at the same time there are women/girls who put on heavy make-up, fake lashes, etc. daily.

How does it differ to other countries?
I guess every country and every culture has its own style, but I would say that comparing to few other countries Estonian women prefer more of a natural make-up.

The Estonian singer Kene Vernik - styled by Gerda Miller

Which national and international famous personalities have you styled so far?
If you mean styled as done make-up for then few Estonian celebrities and one of England's reality TV stars.

What can the world learn from Estonian make-up stylists?
Oh I think world can learn a lot, cause we have so many amazing and talented artists here, who have their own unique style and technique.
A sentence that everyone should know to say in Estonian is…?
Ilusat päeva!- Have a good day!

Follow Gerda Miller's blog where she almost daily publishes new designs and on Facebook to get direct contact with her and advices from the master herself.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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