Look & Nail Art Of The Year

Hello my dearest follwers,

they are taking place every year, at the same time however with a different result the Fall4Me "Look & Nail Art Of The Year"

Happy New And Old New Year 2017!

Hello my most favorite readers,

happy new and old new year 2017! I am most happy to have you all back for the new year and I am looking forward to an exciting new year which is holding lots of big hopes in the first place.

FashionMia: Every Big Wish Starts With A Red Double Breasted Coat

Hello my beloved readers,

never be afraid to dream big, to wish a lot and keep on demanding because an there is an old folk saying: "Demand much to get at least a part of it!"

FashionMia Patchwork Dress: Fanciful, Playful, Big Girl

Hello my dearest readers,

women are complex and irrational beings: they have a lot in their mind, they can seemingly suddenly explode and they seem to need more than can be fulfilled. They are what they are, women. A big secret, hard to handle. But they are the more needed half of society: not necessarily knowing the answers but creating truths, thinking too much but taking care at least as much. It is not impossible to please and satisfy them but there is a system that works.

FashionMia Bodycon Dress: Split Contrast

Hello my beloved readership,

for every door that closes another one opens. Especially strokes of fate that do not spare us at no age can lead to an either or. When we have to find our fulfillment and sense of life in something that keeps us busy and distracted.

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