Winter Sale: The Offer Makes The Demand

Hello my dearest readership,

while before Christmas and New Year's Eve we are spending our money to buy the best gifts possible for our dear ones we are rewarded after the celebration days with offers as hot as the color they are illustrated on, red, in addition to the already lowered prizes in such a case no one can resist. This is the clue of winter sale when the offer makes the demand.

C&A does not only make good offers during their Ladies' Nights which are usually taking place in the beginning of October when there are hardly clothes on sale. But during the winter sale they have put their whole winter collection on sale and now - nearly at the end of it - offered 25 per cent off in addition on these clothes. Therefore my new in is mainly bought from there.
Check out my shopping achievements below:

Over-knee boots are a never ending trend and give women with short legs
optically long ones. The clue about these boots are that they are lined from
the inside and therefore perfect for cold days. However since the outer 
fabrics is suede I recommend to wear such boots on dry days.
By C&A

I have achieved my first aim to integrate navy or rather dark blue in my closet but a good fashion
person knows that it is an unwritten rule to wear the same color underneath your top - or rather 
skin-color to white or if you do not have a bra in the color of the top. I was lucky to have 
found a new skin-colored one after mine got demaged and a dark blue one in my favorite fabrics.
By C&A

No matter how I turn I always turn out to buy a piece of leather and with
that introduce my fourth leather skirt to you. But for explanation I have 
not owned such a model with asymmetric cuts (which is very up to date)
By C&A

An all-time must-have: opaque black tights - make sure to always have them
By Yessica from C&A

According to my mother I am not to buy things I already own such as 
sequins dresses or black dressed from which I have countless ones but 
since she insisted me to get this fashionable item for myself, I did not 
contradict her. My possible dress for this year's New Year's Eve Party? :-)
By Clockhouse from C&A

By C&A

By C&A

You can always need slippers and apart from that should regularly exchange and refresh them anyway. I have found the ones which are every girlish's dream like my little sister-in-law 
confirmed whom I got those with sequins, too. Apart from that we have learned that 

I have recently teased you with a post on my Instagram by making you guess which two lipsticks I have bought new, a dark strong purple for everyday life and a middle-shade strong red which is a
must-have for every woman. With those two I can almost surely say that my collection is 
By Trend It Up from DM

A few days before Valentine's Day I wanted to emphasize that I have the
best valentine in my life who bought me this dream of a (denim) blouse.
By s.Oliver RED Label

My common rule is that I do no reveal prizes publicly but you are always welcome to ask me via direct message on my networks (Facebook, Instagram, e-mail) about them. What I can tell you is that I wonder for whom winter sale is not one of the favorite times. I could recomment everyone to shop a lot without a bad conscience since at least one to three big investments are legit during the year.

Love, Johanna


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