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Hello my beloved readership,

always noticed, once said and if necessary I can always repeat it again: the female intuition is a dangerous thing because it is never deceiving you, even though you should not simply rely on it but allow its powers. In the end everythings is a matter of feels to make you know that something is lying in the air. As I put on the BornPrettyStore Moon Sun Pendant and dressed into the BGal Style I knew, the medium has risen again.

For this story I have to take a bigger swing but once again we are back with the style of a bad girl. BGals or rather bad girls are not all the same. Once bad girls stood out due to be rebellious, commit a crime or be too independent. Nowadays the worst girls are those who speak out the truth as if it would be the most natural thing on earth. Not everyone welcomes the truth especially when it concerns the person itself that is hiding this. That is when the medium comes in, it sees things that are invisible for the bare eye and brings it to the surface as the stars and the moon bring light into the eternal night. Therefore a medium is always dependent on the power of the night in order not to be deceived and maintain the truth for the sake of humanity.

Approximately four years ago I have firstly had the feeling of being one of the chosen ones for this task when the earrings of sun and moon crossed my eyes, now four years later by the almost same time I met the perfectly fitting necklaces on BornPrettyStore that are not only good to add to my collection but as black neckbands always appropriate not only to a BGal style.

As long as I am here be sure to have a medium by your side - guard of interpersonal relationships. Those who see the black of the BGal as the color of evil will be mistaken as they give themselves the chance to get to know it better. You, my dearest readers, have already recognized it by making a previous BGal style the look of the year.

My Look In Details:

Love, Johanna

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