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Hello dearest readership,

I know lately I speak so much about life and its hardships that it may seem that life entirely consists of hardships but one can see it that way that the best things in life are those that are deserved.

On my passed birthday one of my closest friends gifted me with a pendant. There were two dolphins on it forming a heart. Before I was to get it she wanted to tell me the story behind it: dolphins are known to be good friends to humans and especially these two dolphins were to underline our friendship in particular.
You are wondering why I am telling you this story? Because interpersonal bonds are the stimulus of our life. Every dialogue is revealing a new way and every aquaintance is the key to open new doors and last but not least people are standing behind or beside us to comfort or support us just like we would as well do it. Human make people and people make life by taking it further.

To keep it realistic and fair people can be our boundaries as well as our blockade when they meet us hot tempered or angry - even though that this anger may be connected with care it does not help since it is taking one down with a relaxed mindful soul of common sense. But therefore those people are capable of the reasonable character train, to see the love under the facade to let beauty shine bright.

If it was not my friend I probably would have never picked these dolphins for despite my love towards silver and purple. But since I give jewelry or clothes from significant people and higher meaning I want to wear and present them on any best given occasion and I have understood a deeper meaning of the dophins: they are beings of collectivism and they form a strong unity thus different characters just like shades of blue and red set a major trend of navy for the upcoming warmer seasons in the middle of this year.

Silver in this case can be seen as the chain that is holding everything together in order to maintain the beauty stable. The BornPrettyStore charming zircon earrings which are true eye-catchers to fall in love and the dolphins in combination with blue and red have indeed given positive vibes of success to let the tons of burden fall off my shoulders and make me feel better thanks to the right people by my side.

My Look in Details:

Love, Johanna

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