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Hello my dear readers and happy Tuesday,

the followers of my networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) know that on Tuesdays I love to talk about trends, so do I on this Tuesday before my birthday if I may be as selfish and mention it (save the date September 5th).
I want to start with prom dresses by SHERRY LONDON. As the name of the label already reveals these are in particular prom dresses UK and since I am going to talk about trends which are upcoming for the Autumn/Winter 2016/2017 season I am going to refer to the prom dresses 2016. As it is a common knowledge Great Britain is famous for high fashion that doubtlessly has its value, however on SHERRY LONDON you can as well find cheap prom dresses in every style and cut, which is very good especially for a dancer like me. No matter how much I love floor length dresses because I feel like a princess or rather queen in them, I yet prefer short prom dresses. The colors to present the trends of the upcoming season are red prom dresses and black prom dresses.

Check out the selection below:

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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