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Hello my beloved readers,

according to a Hamburg designer women in German seem to have lost their femininity. Without the intention to sound offensive, this is a fact: German women are rather dressed suitable for (a stressful and hectic) everyday life, fall for the ultra-urban style and seem to have forgotten the beauty of glamour and feminity when dressed in dreamlike dresses in which every women would fulfill her dream of being a princess or a queen. When I made you fall into a shock because you might think being dressed like a princess or a queen costs too much let me convince you of the opposite. TBDress is a dress paradise where you find cheap dresses for any occasion in any style from casual to high fashion, extravagant or minimalistic, colorfully patterned to unicolored, evening to day dresses. Either way TBDress has everything for every women and does not leave any wish unfulfilled. The best about it? The good quality of the dresses! So do not get confused by the alluring cheap prizes. Being rich is not a requirement to be a gorgeous lady in any way.

Have your found your favorite dress?

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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