Where To Eat In Hamburg

Hello my dear friends,

eating is not only a basic human need it is as well a life's attitude: everything that is taking place in life is based on a meal. On the hand the meal is important to impress the person on the other hand it is trivial matter but food is doubtlessly the best partner to bring people together and stick them together. No matter if it is a date between loving people, a family meal, a day out with friends, at any occasion we do not have a bad feeling to spend not-important how much money on food whereas when we buy material goods we think twice.

Having this in mind I present you the eats of my gourmet-weekend with special people where I picked out some of the must-visits in Hamburg that are alluring for everyone.

 Pink Malocchiato by Beanie Bee's: Pink coffee, something unusual but catchy especially with the marsh-
mellows within. A sweet type of coffee within a probably too pink but chilled and comfortably agreeable

All you can eat at the Copper House: Meat? Fish? Or something sweet? The Asian based restaurant 
offers exotic food with live-cooking and always freshly refilled.

Café & Bar Celona for a little snack: The café is a place I always love returning to since I have never 
seen a café that beautiful with such an agreeable atmosphere and kind waiters who take every wish
into consideration and correct mistakes not bothering costs or effort.
The honey-mustard sauce has a catchy spicy aftertaste whereas the "spicy" salsa-sauche rather 
reminds one of a fruity ratatouille. A feature: Free Wi-Fi.

L'italiana's ice-cream as tasty as it looks: with best view on 
Hamburg's city center and heart within a lively warm mall
kind, comprehensive and funny waiters take best care of
ice-cream gourmets like us.
P.s.: The kindest people take pink straws.

Hamburger DOM: At the traditional fun park that is taking place thrice a year (spring, summer, winter)
there are three kinds of people the carousel-drivers, the gambling-people and the gourmets. Of
course the fun fair has its prize but lard cake is a must there and  the other meals are unique and 
especially tasty.

Hungry? Visit Hamburg!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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