Every Flower Has Its Own Time To Bloom

Hello my beloved readership,

flowers are beings that are naturally loved by all kinds of people even before they blossom out and enrich us with their complete beauty. There are many kinds of flowers from dominant to tender. They live as fortune of life, in the first place they cause love, they as well comfort us, give us company, catch our attention and support us. But until then each flower has to grow and grow up. Living and growing to be a support for someone else means to make experiences, to commit mistakes, to learn and get their chance to improve.

The beautiful floral dress from CNDirect has become the most important flower in my life and as well made me feel like a flower.
The beauty it includes in its timeless modern floral pattern that makes it easy to add a feminine romantic red lipstick and except from that ther pattern is so full that there are hardly accessories needed for this dress - even for an accessory freak like me. The feminine cuts with a bow for the back to underline the waist as wished, the length to the calves that reminds of classy 50s and 60s icons such as Marilyn Monroe. On the whole this dress makes every girl a real timeless fanciful lady and a real eye-catcher. The clue for all practical thinkers is that this dress is non-crease.

Low cost does not mean low quality. CNDirect is a real shopping paradise that unites quality and low cost.

High heels - Romwe
Bracelet - Douglas
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger
Mini bag - Ted Baker

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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