Too Late

Hello my beloved readership,

words are more dangerous than weapons. Once something is said by one person and received by another person the effect can cause a warlike situation. This can contain feelings of pain, suffer and aggression. Just like in a war it is hard to recover even if it is not impossible to heal the wounds.  Words are spoken, heard and unfortunately never forgotten. Even after the recovery they can be thrown back to your face and awake the wounds that have turned out not healed completely. It was too late from the moment the words have come out from somebody's mouth. The interpretation and how it was actually meant drown in disappointment and shock.
Every mistake has the right to be forgiven and corrected and bring people together again. But in this world of weak humanity forgiving and loving has become very rare. We have lost a lot - especially our innocence. No one can turn back the time and make the war undone but we have the ability inside us to forgive, to look forward and to live peacefully together in harmony, take a deep breath and make the sun shine inside us again too.

Denim blazer - C&A
Skinny jeans - Vero Moda
Boots - GUESS
Earrings - TOSH
Lipstick - P2

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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