The Black Among The Blacks

Hello sweet people,

what a silly title today, isn't it? No? Then you certainly have at least an idea what it means to be the one among the ones.

Our winter dresscode at work at the brand s.Oliver for the weekend is black. After all black suits everyone, black is beautiful and black is the color of winter. Good that we are free in the choice of our accessories or else I wouldn't have had an interesting look and story to show and tell you for much longer since me and my photographer can't meet and shoot every day especially not in this period of elections, exam-phase, cold winter, etc...
Apart from that there have been so many black looks and black stories I have presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you and presented you. (F*ck it, I wear a lot of black!)

So for another black look and black story (since we met right after work) I've had to find the outfit among the outfits. Suitable for three hours of standing work, warm enough for winter, elegant and hip for a cocktail night with my best friend afterwards and the reaction was by each one of my black dressed colleagues: "Wow, wow Madame! You look hot!". It went so far that even on my way to work a man who left the store already ran back to open and hold the door for me.

And if you reached this point you might wonder how I did it. But if you have followed and known me long enough you know that I did it as usual with my love towards the detail. This may lead you to the fact that I am probably indeed a typical woman. But on the other hand this is what makes me a woman. I pay attention on the little things. I take every detail serious and I put little things first and significant.
This makes me the one among the ones.

Cardigan - L&B
Belt, joggers, blouse - C&A
Boots - Belmundo
Neckband and bracelet - Claire's
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger
Earrings - SIX

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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