Look & Nail Art Of The Year 2014

Good day my beloved followers,

traditional post on new year no. #2: the Fall4Me look and nail art of the year. According to the amount of likes on the look and nail art on my Facebook page I pick the look and nail art you liked most in the last year.

Narrowly won by one comment in addition has the look no. 289 also known under the title "The Lady" so far I haven't worn this dream of a dress on an official occasion - just for the collaboration shooting with Romwe. However even this dress and this look are bearing a story and deep emotions but let's once in a while come back to the fashion aspect and the message of this dress.

First of all as every girl has a little princess inside her every woman deserves to have a kickass floor length noble robe that will tear the heart of the other woman apart of envy. Every woman should fulfill herself this dream of the dress.
As you can see this asymmetric black robe doesn't ask for much jewelry - not even with an jewelry freak like me - since it includes diamonds and glitter. It just needs to be supported with the right accessories and accents to be complete that's why I chose a black watch and earrings instead of completely silver ones as the left hip is fully stud as well as the shoulder.
Where it's rather black (in contrary at the bottom and on the right I allowed myself diamonds with the shoes and the single bracelet.

For what concerns the hairstyle personally I find that simple loose hair would be too casual and in contrary an extravagant upswept hairstyle would be too much. This dress is optically stretching you so you should have long hair classy made up with hairspray. This will complete the classy look.
Me and my photographer agreed that not much make-up is needed. Moreover we found that it should be natural because the make-up would steal the show of the rest. It shall just give you a well-groomed appearance.

This robe is pulling all the attention to it without having to scream. It says that I am here but I am unapproachable. A rose beautiful to admire but dangerous to touch. Just suitable for a self-confident strong but emotional beauty. Afterwards I personally felt like a Bond-girl who is just needing the perfect James Bond by her side.

Your favorite look is also the principle design of the blog - well-deserved as it is expressing me best! We chose a special location for this special item.

On the contrary your favorite nail art was happier and indeed more coloful. "Very summerlike", as you found correctly about no. 43.

A shiny fresh and fruity orange. To be honest I am very happy that you liked this nail art by Miu Nails most (I will soon let you know why).

What can be said about it. It is like a warm sunshine on your body that lightens up your mood. Generally I think orange is a must-have color for summer that went well with all my summer outfits. A good alternative to red.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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