New Look & Me - A Lovestory

Hello my dears,

do you know the feeling that you decide to learn from your stupid mistakes but then when the moment comes you kind og repeat it and get angry about the situation and yourself? Welcome to the club.

It has been about two years now that I have discovered and started shopping at New Look - which you can find at the left side of the cass on the third floor of the department store Karstadt in the city center of Hamburg - and still it looks like I never learn from my mistakes. The sales there are a dream, so are the clothes - no surprise I as regular customer closed friendship with the outfit advisor there - I at New Look I always find something. I think it is my store because it underlines my style and meanwhile it is dominating my closet.
It is quality, famous and - as mentioned - not that expensive. I could spend hours there talking to my friend and check the clothes.

But there it goes: Girls, honestly, don't we all know have experienced the mother-daughter fashion-conflict about buying something or not? My mother always complains about my picks (that you always love about me). She finds them very old fashioned or sometimes too childish or boyish. Two days ago however she realizes that they are trend items and encourages me to buy them. But the sales at New Look are gone by one blink if you don't reserve them.
So I did but sadly not long enough since this time my mother remembered the rule that if you spend money in the beginning of a week or month you will only go losing it on the day when I wanted to go and buy them.

On the next day I went to re-collect my picks to buy them I firstly just found one things, this denim shirt which has a soft touch.

Because I firstly couldn't find my other picks anymore I have decided to have a look around the shop again hoping I would find something new and maybe even better and I indeed found a pair of amazing high-heels! So even if I didn't have to worry about my NYE outfit anymore it couldn't improve my mood since I was sad about the loss of a red blouse and a flower scarf.

I am talking about this chiffon blouse which (as you see) was also awailable in this damped dark green - which I also liked in the beginning but I preferred the red one over this one since I've decided to just buy one of them. Since I couldn't find the red one I - more or less forced - bought this in the end which is also special and by one part completes my closet. I found this one again at the third look.

After I did my shopping (more or less contented). I went to say goodbye to my friend and wish her all the best for the new year then on a table I have found the scarf I was sad about and it was indeed it! So I grabbed it and rushed back to buy it. My luck for the end of the year: My new favorite scarf. My best friend has the twin-version of it. I loved it already when I saw it on her.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. que monas las camisas ! :)

  2. wow,awesome pieces
    those boots are stunning

  3. Hi my love! How are you? I'm back!

    I love your new stuff, especially the beautiful!

    Give me time to send you something special too ;) I'm back in London since this morning and I must organize my agenda, soooo talk to you later! :p

    Happy New Year! ♥♥


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