Happy New Year 2015!

Hello my beloved readership,

I hope you have all had a good start into the new year and managed everything in the last year so you wouldn't have entered the new year with things left undone or unfinished.

I think that entering a new year is like being born again - everything is untouched, new and things certain and uncertain are awaiting us. At the end of a year you are making a personal recap of what was good and what was bad, what you want to improve amd what you want to keep as you would when you realize your life is going to end.
Whatever it is we have to have faith in this new year and give it the chance to be the best in our life.

What does 2015 in particular mean for us? For me it means a lot already all over the year. The first third of the year will consist of every day being a fight for me - but I am used to come out as a winner from every fight!
100 years Armenian genocide... will it finally be officially recognized? Hopefully. My brothers and sisters who's life, home and identity was taken from them brutally during the first world war would just deserve it. At least I hope that more countries will take Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Lebanon, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Vatican, Venezuela and Uruguay as an example and recognize the Armenian genocide officially and entirely.
My blog - my baby - is turning three years old this year. Which means that I would love to achieve at least 3 000 followers on my Facebook page - the rest is going happily well.
This year I am planning to register and start my BA-final assignment (Bachelor of Arts in political science) which will take 6 months.  I am quite excited about it. It still feels like yesterday when I started my studies in 2012.
"Jazz With Me" - after having written songs for two albums which will realized soon. I will spend this year writing songs for this EP and practice them on the piano. I also plan to learn a new instrument or rather advance my skills in playing the flute.
I am as well looking forward to two unforgettable fashion shows by Liz Malraux - one of my favorite designers.

And of course I know that we are all looking to at least 100 new looks and 100 new stories by Johanna & Fall4Me. At least two Romwe shootings are awaiting in the first half of the year.

Since we are used to it my mother and I prepared a huge table again whereas the table and plate decoration was done by the creative director of our family - me. It was also my premiere of preparing Millefeuille and they taste as good as they look.

As a representative of the Estonian flag yesterday I certainly have to go to my beloved country this year.

Neckband - Claire's
Bolero - Elara
Top - L&B
Ankle boots - New Look

All the best for 2015!

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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