Music Is Like Fashion, Timeless

Hola my dears,

you don't believe how happy I am to now be finally on the computer and post this entry for you. I have missed you so much but I have been very busy since the day before yesterday and today my computer was disabled because of wrong information and a software. After eight hours the problem was finally solved.

First of all I want to remember a very horrible day from 12 years ago even though some like to remember it in silence I would feel terrible if I don't send my thoughts to 9/11 and the people who have lost family, friends and suffer from a big shock. It must never be forgotten.

Well then the day before yesterday I have decided to start into the new week with a classy style inspired by Amamnda Carrington aka Catherine Oxenberg from Dynasty and a city walk in our beautiful northern German capital Hamburg where I have experienced the first autumn weather of the year even before autumn has actually started (according to the calendar the season begins on September 23rd). It is cold, windy and rainy but with some good music and a perfect look it is actually agreeable.

Brown is calling for autumn definitely. I have combined my brown treggings and cowboy boots with a white knit pullover and a skin colored top underneath since Amanda's specialty are apart from the Marlenes and high-heels cuddly pullovers and triangle earrings. I was a modern girl living up the timeless 80s again.

I am also very happy to present you two gifts which I got belated from my dearly beloved granny. A ring from the 60s with 88/8 diamonds 0,20 ct. and 12 synthetic rubies 7 ct. and a pendant from the 20th century with one diamond-drop  0,18 and a silver-gray Tahiti-pearl and a steel-wire collier.

When I have arrived home I wanted to play some classic songs on the piano again among others the timeless "Für Elise" by Beethoven.

Treggings - Vero Moda; cowboy boots - Tamaris; earrings - SIX; top - H&M; pullover - Dream Girl

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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