7 Days Of Beauty

Good morning my beloved readership,

as you have already been able to see via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for the last week I have tried out one of the gifts I've got for my birthday intensively: The "7 Days Of Beauty" calendar by Boulevard de Beauté.

It is something like an advent calendar for one week with beauty and wellness products in it. The friend who gave it to me said that it is meant for my first week as 20 year old woman. Thank you once again for this amazing gift baby ♥

So let's take a review of my last week:

On Monday I've got a sweet and trendy coral lipgloss with which I could stage my full lips. I'm actually not a big fan of lipglosses because of the slimy feeling but experimenting a little bit I have found out that the color stays on your lips and the feeling goes away if you bite in a tissue with your lips.
I have spent that day at home but it is said that a women doesn't make herself beautiful for others but for herself. Besides from that I still have my family to enchant and was even ready for unexpected visitors.

On Tuesday I've bot a new blusher. What a luck! Since mine went broken not long ago and caused a mess. Pink and tiny was just perfect for the way I love to have it the most: High cheek bones in the style of the 80s. And this is how it works. Fill your blusher with a generous plenty of rouge and start blushing from the top and then spread it over your cheek in the direction of your mouth and nose but always keep the strongest part on the top.

On Wednesday I managed to make myself a new nail polish with this wonderful hand santilizer which includes pearls for the hand peeling at the beginning before going to the church. I have worn the nail polish I've got from another friend and her husband who knew that I love purple. It fitted very well to my blue-brown outfit. Thank you my sweethearts ♥

Flormar N°411

On Thursday I've got a deep red lipstick. Another perfect surprise since I can't find my gaudy red lipstick and planned to buy a deep red one for the coming winter trend.
With beautiful red lips I have met my friend in the library for learning then. She was the first one who had noticed my new _ _ _ _    _ _ _ _ _ first on her own. Some others on Lookbook have noticed a part of it.

On Friday I've got a rather natural eye-shadow in the colors of pink, nude and yellow. I rather prefer strong colors on my eyes and kayal but as I saw it as my duty I have tried out the eye-shadow: first I have used the nude one all over my eyelid then I have used the yellow on the upper parts and pink right over my lashes.
It was not too much for the political even on which I was.

On Saturday I've enjoyed myself with wellness, using this wonderful bath salt. My skin felt so much softer and smelled so good with this peeling. Apart from that salt is also healthier for the skin.

And last but not least yesterday I have opened the last door and got a little tube of bodylotion which I have used for my legs. The more oil it includes the better it is for your skin because dark places eventually fade. This one was rather milk however bodymilk refreshes your skin.

At this point I would like to say that wellness and beauty doesn't only cause happiness to the outside but also from the inside. Wellness and beauty makes you feel reborn every, day and causes happiness. I can always recommend you to have at least a little bit of wellness every day and a capital wellness day at least once a week.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. Love your nails <3 <3



  2. J'adore la rouge à lèvre!!! Un très beau concept!

  3. great post ! :)


  4. Beautiful rouge!!!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment!!
    Have a nice day!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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