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Question: what do the details of my two different looks have in common? - You're so right, both include scarves, now guess what the accessory of the month September is about...

You know the famous saying that it is not about what you wear but how you're wearing something, just like the scarves. I have been inspired by [surprise, surprise] the 80s, Dynasty and Catherine Oxenberg, who is wearing scarves as a beautiful (warming accessory instead of an anorak, poncho or carding to classy dress- or skirt- looks, lightly wrapped from the side.
September in Hamburg is actually known to be sunny and hot but this year it has changed, while it was very hot from June to August it has punctually seemed that Fall has arrived in September. This is naturally calling for warmer clothes. The truth is altough that it is still warm outside, therefore something little to wrap over is neither too much nor too less.

Brown/beige/cappuccino combined with blue is something I would consider to THE fall combinations. I have already told you that everything is allowed with the shades of cappuccino and brown.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. loving your scarf!
    Today on the blog, the new Jijil collection… let me know what u think about it!
    Nameless Fashion Blog
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  2. I left you a tag on my blog:
    Let me know when you answer it.

  3. Beautiful look!!! I love the accessories! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde España. Marcela♥


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