Soft Black: Human Weakness

Hello my beloved readership,
"He is not weak!"
"Loving life is not a weakness!" 

If I am kind world thinks of me being stupid, if I am sensitive world thinks of me being weak, if I am dreaming world thinks of me being crazy, if I bear values world thinks of me being weird. In such a world you hardly get find your place within the society, when everything you believe in, everything you stand for turns out to be bad. The more you are said that the way you think, the way you speak or even the way breathe is wrong you are starting to doubt on yourself and question your values. The worst thing of all is that you are starting to believe that you as person have no value at all. No matter how strong you may be the person telling this is not imagining what he or she is causing to you.

Do not let yourself hanging because of this and moreover do not let anyone dare to bring you down like this. In a world full of hate, self-centering and denial being soft is like a rare diamond. Let us make a positive contribution. Being soft or good-natured is not a fault. Never let anyone convince you different. This rare diamond can be seen in the April trend of soft black. Human weakness are all the feelings of negativity he or she is bearing to make the facade remain. It shocks me to witness that even mothers can count to such a group of people, it makes me feel sorry for their children or husbands. But this is not the matter now, if someone is coming toward you to with negative vibes do not lower yourself to his or her lever and commit the same stupidity like him or her. On the contrary! Maintain your positive values that have left their mark on you and show the person how to make it better just like a trend is lending a hand how to style yourself better. This will be as long-lasting as the love towards black in fashion, even in a different way.

My Look In Details:

  • Shirt and faux leather pants by She from Karstadt
  • Ankle boots by C&A
  • Earrings, statement necklace and bracelet by TOSH
  • Watch by Chanel
  • Lipstick by TrendItUp
Love, Johanna

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