Black & Beige Meet Red - The Alternative

Hello my dearest readers,

blue, blue, blue everywhere you look only get to see blue. I still love it but I am as well missing another color that is dominating my heart, black. Having in mind that since both of them are equal friendly but friendly rivals and majorly there is not enough space for both of them in one look I present you the alternative.
Red can do it with each one. Red is the uncrowned king or rather queen of colors for combining and red is since February a popular trend for the cold as well as for the warmer season. While black and white however would be a too stark contrast for a tender season such as spring - especially in the beginning of it - red is taking another former early spring trend by the hand. We remember it from March 2015 - black and beige. This unbeatable pairing of colours makes the soft alternative to black and white, However black and beige meeting red form the alternative to the cold shades of blue.

Red is an unusual if not to say surprising staying trend since last season's of autumn/winter. But we need red to stay at the beginning of this year. Could it be that it is the year of the red cock according to the Chinese calendar as I have already mentioned? So far the conclusion can be made that red is the one colour to give a strong impulse for the one falling for this trend. But this strong impulse does not necessarily mean to act rough, Red is there to remind us of our big dreams and aims as well as not to give up on them thus the changes of happenings or obstacles that might come.
Even if we would not like to admit it, it is an undeniable fact that even if we stand to our personality traits we find ourselves acting alternative, different from our usual behavior. We do it in order to rescue demaged situations and to rebuild them. Sometimes we have to take a look in the mirror and discover the alter us. Then all we need is to jump in to improve ourselves. Spring has come to bring better times and make a turn in the happenings but as it has just begun it is giving us the time to reflect ourselves and get reborn for the real beginning of the year. The alternative is facing our shadow and throwing away our usual priciples in order not to burn down our kingdom with our own hands.

My Look In Details:

  • Cardigan by Paparazzi
  • Blouse by Mango
  • Marlene pants and ankle boots by C&A
  • Handbag by Ralph Lauren
  • Lipstick by DM Trend It Up
Love, Johanna

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