Skyblue & Pink Nails: A Matter Of Sympathy

Hello my beautiful people,

kindness is returned with kindness and a bad mood is always pulling the mood of the fellows down as well and rapidly - that is how the game is played - after all a downer is not called like this for no reason. But let us focus more on the positive part of the story in this case - even if this causal chain valid for positive and negative effects - it is a matter of attitude but having brightening colors such as skyblue and pink included remains a matter of sympathy

When fans of the Eurovision Song Contest are excited because they have realized that the show is going to take place in already two weeks we know that April is heading to an end. Just like at every end of something there is going to be found someone to give a summary of it, so I am free to sum up the month... or rather read it from my latest nail art: bright, colorful, happy - inspired by the April issue of the Estonian fashion magazine MOOD [English: FASHION]. Some old and loyal readers of this blog might stop right here and remember last year's April when I have launched my project Fashion Made In Estonia. I swear I do not do this intentionally! But since I believe in destiny I dare to believe that it must have been connected with my first and so far most special trip to Estonia. But back to my nails.

"Happiness can be contagious"

April of this year was as much full of contrasts as my nails - at least for what concerns the weather in Europe - but what was clear that at least I have started to look forward to spring vibes, summer time and the bright side of life. So the April color duo of skyblue and pink are calling for positive, bright vibes and happiness - and I assure you - happiness can be contagious. Therefore I basically give my best to approach everyone with kindness and happiness (especially when a new day is starting) knowing and hoping that it will bring good vibes with it. The sympathic attitude I provide can as well be described as personal shield of protection according to the motto: "If I am kind by nature I cannot blame myself if the situation fails to rudeness."
This shield of mine has not only transformed my surrounding into more positive but as well my personality. My suggestion to you: Try it! It is hard and human to not always be happy and positive but it will eventually open more doors in the long run.

Visit Thanh Nails in Hamburg

If you live in Hamburg or visit the north-German metropolis (by train) you as well pay a quick visit in the nail studio Thanh Nails which is finding itself close to the northern side of the central station. To be more precize in the street called Lange Reihe 1-5. The staff there is always ready to spontaneously serve you from 10 am to 7 pm.

Thanks to Tham from Thanh nails for the great work and service!

Love, Johanna

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