Friends Are Angels In The Body Of Humans

Hello my dear readers,

recently I have discovered I was surprised how many different things you can shop there apart from clothes but as I explored it I have found out that the wholesale offers many different clothes, accessories and styles in the latest fashion trends that does not let any wish open. The current fashion sale makes shopping at Banggood just as agreeable as if you were just on holiday.

I am living according to the attitude that a day without a charity is a day lost, so I wanted to do something good for my friend who is very special for me and chose this dress for her which matches her bright type perfectly. In addition the peaceful beautiful and tender flowers just complete the bright natural summer-style. As my friend herself says "the colors you like suit you most since they underline the passion it bears". So this time I changed roles and played the photographer and made my beautiful friend a model since she looks like one - charming and shiny.

Having chosen the Asian L size which is supposed to be the European M size the "dress", as it is named in the website's describtion, is rather short and tight - even for my very thin and sporty silhouetted friend. So I conclude it function as a long-top rather than as a dress. However the colors white, blue and pink that are suitable to be combined with almost every color make the dress an allround talent.

My suggestion to Banggood is to recheck and correct its sizechart (at least for this item) so that the customers do not get problems with their shopped articles.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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