Bad Girl

Hello my readers,

I love to wear black, purple is my favorite color and I feel drawn by the darkness. I am a bad girl because I set my own rules and I am guilty because I am looking for the mistake on me first. My empty look is always mixed with a glance of anger. I have a sharp tongue and I often seem bitter and disrespectful. I am who I am.

At the first sight everything seems negative or rather not interesting because it is easier to reject things than getting to know them but if you do not confront yourself with them, I promise, you will paint yourself a completely wrong image about them. Live your life according to images - they have left their mark on each one of us - especially us, the generation of dreamers that is awakening again. But do not paint yourself ones. Once held for the eternity it cannot be erased no matter how you turn it yet you have have the chance to overwork it to a better image out of them bad one when you get to know the things you have evaded and rejected. We all have a side that we are keeping a big secret very carefully. Yes, that side is a secret because it secretly has majorly left its mark on us and yes it is a secret because it is secretly the same side we are all hiding because we do not want to be judged negatively by the society. We are keeping this secret so well that it has become a shadow in our hands. But every shadow comes to the surface once.

Having this in mind I want to thank the BornPrettyStore for uniting us with retro jewelry necklaces all girls have been addicted for in the 90s just like our beloved cartoons. Life may look more modern but yet I am relieved to say we are celebrating to go back in time. It was not that scary to get to know something new, was it?

Top - New Yorker
Cardigan - L&B
Leather jacket - Gipsy
Faux-leather pants - C&A
Pumps - She by Karstadt
Handbag - Ralph Lauren
Lipstick - P2
Kayal eyeliner - Laura Beauté

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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