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Hello dear friends,

after a stressful and busy time of work for university and my job as outfit advisor beside I really missed the connection to the real world again. In this case I am rather talking about shopping, not necessarily getting new clothes but going into a shop, checking out the offers, trying and falling in love with selected items.

At the time of mid-season sale I have found a day with my mother and spent some great shopping days with her. After all, you have to treat what sometimes. You know my shopping philosophy is inspired by the designer and Spice Girl Victoria Beckham who once said that she is collecting items she likes and extends her closet and style by that.

Check out my new collections below:

I actually stopped collecting GUESS bags since they are very rarely made of 
leather but I was lucky with this discovery of my mother who has found this 
pretty coral colored bag in black too (for herself) and offered me the colored
one for summer. I just could not say no to this, especially because I did not have
a bag in this color suitable for everyday life.

It was time for new jewelry so I was free to look for first items that look authentic and have a high quality.
This was offered by two partner labels of the department store Karstadt, SIX and I am: Since rewatching
the 80s runner Dynasty, I am in love with big stud earrings.
Flowers are my trademark, so anytime I see something with flowers it catches my eye and in most cases
I am buying it.
Stud earrings: SIX

I was not born with wings, but I want to fly and have my personal freedom. These earrings will help me,
epcially because they fit to the ring I got last year which is my constant company, my symbol of freedom.
Earrings: I am

Indeed, earrings like these: Big, eye-catching, generous. This is the classy style of the Dynasty girls. I am
in love with this style and always get confirmed with it.
Earrings: SIX

"But don't you already have so many owls?", my mother asked. Well, I do but not silver ones that would perfectly fit to my owl pendant necklace. So here they are finally.
Earrings: I am

This bracelet was a pretty and special thing. I just love ribbons just like owls and flowers, so I am proud to
own this.
Bracelet: I am

Two very discounted items that were almost gifted from the favorite brand Adagio
and She have been a long sleeved striped shirt - which suit me pretty well according
to someone important - and a knit grey pullover including some glitter in the knit.
Something very comfortable for a casual party or rather night out.

As always you can contact me by mail or my social networks Facebook Message or Instagram Direct Message for prizes and further details.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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