Thinkin' Of You

Hello my beloved readership,

Forgive me the long delay. One of the reasons was a technical error with my laptop which had to be cleared however my camera was working and I have many shootings and stories in the queue for you.

I have always been told that I think too much about everything, to express it in other words, I let everything get too much into my heart. At the first sight this is the most annoying habit about me, but take a second sight and try to understand. If it would not mean anything to me I would not think about it that much. It is not like I could not take things easy or would not have any conscience of humor it is just that I take things serious to underline their value.
This way of thinking influences as well my sense of fashion: The important the person or occasion the more I give effort for my looks.

I keep thinking of you strongly as if I am led by wild ambitions to turn the fearful transition to the cold autumn into a tender loving spring which I always remember, which I always long for.

Blouse - New Look
Skirt - She by Karstadt
Pumps - Buffalo
Watch - Tommy Hilfiger

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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