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Bonjour mes chers,

holidays in France would not be complete with shopping and bringing the latest fashion trends home from the fortune of fashion.

Check out my new in and the teasers of the coming fall trends.

The colors are becoming darker but more intensive and the clothes are becoming bolder therefore bold statement jewelleries are staying. The trend that has been highly celebrated within Russian celebrities at least since spring of this year is working according to the moto that you should not 
be sparing the jewellery. Therefore: Time for some charge.

A summer cardigan is irreplaceable for gentle breezy late-summer-nights. 
What I like about these ones is the manufacturing of lace on the back
what makes the outfit elegant and sexy at once. So I could not resist to
buy it in the basic colors. 

Something else I needed to have in two colors since I needed to charge 
these colors in my closet grey and navy and what could be better than
buying two slip-overs which you can versatilely combine?

The summer dresses were unbeatable in this year's collection the best
thing was that I could bring in more yellow. For people with sounthern
origin having dark hair and eyes especially yellow is a very well 
matching color and the same dress in blue was a must-have for me.

I have found my dream-dress in Cannes. I always wanted to have this kind
of dress which I have worn and bought on my birthday there.

This asymmetric dress was another must-have for me. It is the perfect
party dress and brown is a great colorto wear especially for the dark season.

This dress reminded me of one of my fashion ideals Duchess Catherine.
It was so elegant that I had to have it.

This glamorous dress was a real eye-catcher. My mother almost forced me
to buy it.

Another eye-catcher that was the most spontaneous buying ever. This
freaky blouse is matching to a freaky person like me.

Real tourists and French Riviera lovers need to have an original souvenir
made in Cannes. And an art lover like me could not resist to wear a piece
of art.

Finally I have found what I have been looking for already
long before my holidays. The dungarees have become a
highly celebrated trend this season but for me they are
just essential.

The red pump is a must-have in every closet. One of my personal trends 
is the silver at the front.

Last but not least some must-have inspirations and a name-necklace from 
Monaco with love.

As usual you can contact me privately for prizes and more details on my networks or e-mail. Stay tuned for the converted looks.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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