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Hey my dears,

if you remember we have once talked about it that advanced shopping-addicts have made the shop assistants their friends to enjoy an even better service and discount. Today I want to talk about another benefit you have if you have a shop-assistant or beauty or rather outfit-advisor as a friend. Apart from the discount it is probable for you to receive some extra-gifts in addition to your shopping.

Since I am a good shopper I did so on my last shopping before holidays about one month ago and well, what can I say, thank you Mrs. Z. (name anonymous).

Let us get more precize...

First I have bought some personal must-haves since I am very much into the rock-style what for leather, black and silver accents (here by Swarowski) are a must in my closet. Apart from that I have found a shower gel by Calvin Klein to add to my perfume-collection and a spring-twin-set to  decorate my room with. Last but not least I have bought a little cosmetics-bag with a rocky vintage peace-symbol out of straw which is perfectly matching to summer.

And therefore I received just as nice gifts:

First I received some beauty products two shower gels by Lacoste and Gucci's newest fragrance Bamboo, a lipgloss in a cherry shade and a set by Lancôme's fragrance "La Vie Est Belle" which is unusually sweet but intensive which is typical for Lancôme fragrances. addition I received two bags, a cosmetics bag by the new James Bond fragrance and a small shopper.

As always you can apply for the prizes via private message on my networks or via e-mail.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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