Stay Strong Flower

Beautiful like a flower, dangerous like a flower, strong like a flower.
Good day my beloved readership,

while world is turning more and more a crime and war some are left with a simply pure heart not willing to give in to the system. How many times have you heard how naive and stupid you are? As much as I was, good. Do not be discouraged by those bad tongues. I translate "naive and stupid" with "too good for this world" and I encourage you to start thinking this way, too.

Still not convinced? Okay then let us all imagine for one moment that we were flowers. Crazy, I know but we all are certainly creative enough to imagine it. Is it wrong that a flower is living to itself its whole life? It is just there, it does not do anything necessarily earth-shaking but let us be honest it is beautiful to admire. This is the moment when some people will rise up and say beauty was not everything.
Nevertheless the beauty of a flower is everything. There is no better ideal than a flower. In black times or white times. It makes me just remember my career as blogger. My success has begun when I stopped worrying why the others have it while I do not. It made me feel like my level is widely under theirs and I started to wonder, to wonder, to wonder. What can I do? What is missing? How can I get there? What is their key? (And even) should I just not give up? This storm of questions slowly trying to destroy me did not want to let go off me. My conclusion: Never! The sun shined and gave me the energy to bloom and grow. In this business (and probably in every business). I must think like a flower, be like a flower, be a flower. I do not need to care about competition. I love unconditionally and I support unconditionally with all my being. And even if someone would try and tear me off I will be there, bigger and stronger. In black times and white times.

Flower dress - New look
Flower Crown - La J (Johanna Karajan Creations)
Necklace - SIX
Watch - Chanel

Xoxo ♥ Johanna with love from Lüneburg

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