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in the beginning music has been a matter of talent, of uniqueness and quality. During the time the music business has developed to a real show and entertainment business where not the song itself, the mood and the lyrics are important but the looks of the artists and the catchy tone to sell a product and not to express your feelings as a singer to the audience. The more important it is to a minority to bring back the rare value of the old school where one artist has one personal style and many personal songs with each one baring a story in itself or being dedicated to a special person or experience.

Tamar Kaprelian is one of those artists that puts a high value that her songs are written on her own because the art of music is one of the most beautiful ways to express yourself. Two years after her album "Sinner Or A Saint" she has released an EP named "California". Taking into consideration that Tamar is based on the other side, New York, at the first sight it is hard to get the connection between Tamar and the title song "California"...

Fall4Me: How was the idea of California born with regard that you are from the completely other side (New York)?
Tamar Kaprelian: "California" is a love song to the person who I was dating on the East coast. I was trying to convince him to move to Los Angeles. I ended up moving out to the East coast, instead of convincing him to move out West. And while New York is an amazing city, California always has a special place in my heart. And it constantly calls me back.

And since loving someone is a positive thing the five songs on Tamar's EP sound rather positive even the two deep ones "California" and "Come Home (Walk The Line)". This EP - especially my personal favorites "Good Times" and even more "Feels So Good" inspired me to rethink the song I have been working on (which is dedicated to my crush) and write a happy love song with positive character instead of a deep, melancholy ballad but more to that sometime later.

All in all Tamar's EP was more than worth the efforts of ordering it with the help of a friend from the USA. Something making sure to check out in any way.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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