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Hi beautiful people,

summer sale is a horrible sickness. Seriously, it pulls you into its curse to shop like a sinner whereas you actually have holidays planned where you are going to spend money anyway. It is really hard to stay strong with so many beautiful at so low costs. The only way to resist is to just look down and pass by the shops. And if you are taken to the shops resist enough to just buy what is most necessary for you.

I've tried it and this is what came out:

This denim dress is something I have had on my shopping-list already for 
some while. Now that there was a better offer for this dress and my size
was still there I bought it.
Denim dress - Peckott

I was actually looking for a mint-green blazer but I needed mint-green pumps anyway and have
found the perfect ones left only in my size. That must have been a sign.
Pumps - New Look

Trying does not cost a thing so I just did it but my mother liked this skirt so much that she 
prompt bought it.
Skirt - She by Karstadt

Bijoux are worse than anything because they can catch me worse than
clothes can but luckily I was critical enough to just stick with this 
necklace for which I already have the matching bracelet.
Statement necklace - I am

Not looking into the shops is a good strategy to escape this sale. Because I will stay strong to save my money for holidays. having this in mind I wish each one of you a great summer time and holidays. Recharge and gather positive energy for the new season.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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