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Hello beautiful people,

if it concerns music let us be honest and admit that at least once at least everyone of us has already downloaded the one or other song at low cost or even for free. Do not worry, this sensitive secret will stay between you and me. But I did not write this to awake bad consciences or to expose you. Moreover my intention with such an introduction is that thanks to iPods or smart phones we are not in the necessary need of CDs anymore... Do you remember compact disks still...?

However once in a while you find people who are worth their CDs or rather merchandise to be bought and as a true supporter and admired listener (I do not like the term "fan" because we are all equal and because without "fans" the artists would not be anything. I believe in the possibility that "fans" and their "stars" can become friends.) you will make special space in your room for your special CDs.
Over short or long Tamar Kaprelian (commonly known as the representative of Armenia in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the super-group Genealogy) has deserved her place in my heart, mind and shelves, too. With her EP "California" and her debut and so far only album "Sinner Or A Saint" about which I want to talk about with you or rather did with Tamar.

The 28-year-old American born Armenian has started her career in 2008 by winning a contest on the social network "YouTube". Apart from her outstanding voice Tamar has taught herself the piano and is a self-confident song-writer. All the songs are written by herself which are among other inspired by Billie Joel. When you listen to Tamar's songs you indeed recognize the classy American spirit. My personal favorite ones are apart from all on the whole "New Day", "Delicate Soul", "Should Have Known Better", "March Mornings" and "The Otherside (Aleatory)". In any way an album worth getting to as well admire Tamar in her beauty.

In the following interview I've caught the artists and wanted to know it myself and show you the meaning of "the heart of an artists".

Fall4Me: Dear Tamar, congratulations to such a great debut album! You don't see it every day now our days that artists write all the songs from their album. Rather it is seen as a "qualification". How important is it for you that the songs for your album are written by you?Tamar Kaprelian: It has always been important for me to write my own music. I've actually always had a difficult time singing other people's songs. That's not to say that everyone NEEDS to write their own material to be considered talented... or to be considered an artist. Many incredible artists sing other people's songs. But for me, personally, songwriting is cathartic. It's a way for me to release my emotions.

With regard that "Sinner Or A Saint" is your very first album what would you say what does the album design (your photo session and the titles of your album) say about the person you are?
I think everyone has two sides to their personalities. And I think in life, as you grow and mature, it is important to explore. Get to know yourself. And at the end of the day, not be afraid to be true to yourself.

Thank you for your great interview and have a great continuing career. I am most proud to say that my fellow Western musician with Armenian roots and I care an equal thinking. You have my respect and certainly other's, too.

Official site: http://www.tamarkaprelian.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TamarKaprelian
Instagram: https://instagram.com/tamarmusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TamarKaprelian

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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