Confessions Of A Simple Diva

Hello my beloved readership,

I have to admit I fell in love even though I have been repressing these feelings all the time because I was  afraid of another fail and another disappointment since I did not doubt anymore that every worst experience I have lived to far could be undercut.
What I have forgotten is to give every man the chance to be the best of my life.

I admit I have been spying and I have seen things which I wished I have never discovered. They got me hurt.
What I have forgotten about is that behind everything on the surface there is a reason behind.

I admit I was about to give up and let sorrow win over me.
What I have forgotten is that if you keep on loving something despite all the hurt that it might give you you will most likely be rewarded for your fight and unconditional love and patience.

I must confess I have stressed myself way too much lately. I have let myself hanging and given up too quickly for every little thing.
I have forgotten to think before I act and realized that in the end it all is much less bad than it seemed in the shadows.

I must confess I saw the bad in everything. I was very hopeless baring a heavy heart and heavy tears.
What I have forgotten is to stay cool because for every problem there is a solution.

Blouse - Adagio
Skirt - Tally Weijl
Watch - Chanel
Pumps - Menbury

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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