Hi peopleee,

what is great about June? It is the month of midsummer - no. It is the month of holidays - no,no, no,  no. It is the candy colors, one shinier than the other all mixed together. Wearing these bright colors make you hyper just as if you have eaten a bunch of candies and cannot stop the thrill towards direction higher. The rainbow color crystals are just beginning to shine right into your heart.
The time to explode has come to spread out positive energy and sparks and hypes. Since June is a pretty tough month for students like me that final exams are on it is important to not let yourself hanging rotten in depression. Be delicious like candy and see the sweet sides of life to bring it on like loud and bright like fire-works.

Blazer, skinny jeans - New Look
Queen Lenna tee - HEAVY MENTAL
 Chucks - Converse

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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