Walls & Ways

Hello my sweet people,

we fall in love, we have dreams, we want to travel, we have a dream-job, we have aims, we want to spread our wings and fly. If there just wouldn't be these damn walls that are coming into our way and let us all see black. Shall we stop? Shall we take another direction? Shall we choose an easier way...? And stay forever unsatisfied with this alternative solution?

I may seem pure, untouched and tender but trust me - just like I can break you I can break these walls, break through and continue my way. It might take a while to notice me behind this black wall, it might be hard but in the end this is my path to happiness and to success which I do not want to leave. The aim to shine, my reason to go on and trust me I will shine through these black walls. I will continue my way.

Leather jacket - Gipsy
Blouse - Tally Weijl
Tie - C&A
Leggings - Betty Barclay
Earrings - SIX
Lipstick - Manhatten
Ankle boots - GUESS?

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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