Season Trend: White Spring!

Hello my dear readers,

happy official beginning of spring!

I believe we have all finally thawed from the coldness and darkness from winter with the spring trends I have recently presented you in the transition-time from the beginning of March. Spring is the time when flowers blossom out, when the warm sun's rays touch us and when it is time to shine and see bright skies. If you have not yet noticed it here is a recap of the spring trends of 2015:

The answer is white. Actually we are used to the term "white Christmas" or "white winter" but "white spring"? I understand that no one of you wants to freeze again. But white has not only accompanied my looks but also the trends. White is the serenity that is holding and carrying us to make us feel lighter. White is the good vibe that pulling us out of the black shadows and lead us to the right of way decisions. White is the cure that is lying on us to recover our demaged soul. In the end the pure white is the ray that will make us shine.

Having this in mind I wish you a happy white sping.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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