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Bonjour sweet people,

you know I am a woman who talks big - honest, open and direct. Some people criticize me for this since they think I come across harsh and unfair, a few cherish me. These values have become rare and unusual now our days therefore it is mostly criticized. But what needs to be said needs to be said especially sad truths. If you are a new as a customer, guest or rather patient you are treated the best but in time there are more and more companies lower their service and quality. In other words they take you for granted and take care less of you. Clever people change their company, more clever people ask their friends for advice.
For example my friend who needed a new nail artist. She, like you others too, follows my blog regularly and marked that I always make my nails at MiuNails and Wellness. So she asked me for advice. I am more than happy for the sweet girls and artists there to say that since 3 years I am a customer there and their good quality and heartful service never lower.

This time I was behind the camera. See the result below:

If you need a new and good nail artist with quality in the center of Hamburg don't be shy to ask me directly like my friend did.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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