Stop, Harper! Now It's My Time To Speak.

Good evening my beloved readership,

thanks to technology and social media (such as Facebook, Twitter and co.) we have become real "infoholics" (neologism for information maniac). We are fed with all kinds of information at every second. It is something we can't get out of easily. This may be considered as blessing or curse depending on the arguments and point of view.
But this is not what I want to talk about today but an article from my most favorite international fashion and lifestyle magazine "Harper's Bazaar" which I stumbled at in my newsfeed.

Usually I enjoy the articles and the construction of the magazine. Therefore I like to buy it frequently and add it to my collection but this time I have to interrupt and take a stand on it in the name of nearly all fashion people, especially bloggers.

Before you read my article I suggest you to get familiar with the article I am going to refer to here.

Yes! I admit it, I can as well count myself to the people HB refered to in its article doubtlessly - maybe with one or the other exception. However as an exception I bring the mix of fashion and political science to the world of fashion so it is in my nature to bring the spice of argumentation to me whenever it may be needed. Today I felt the need but as a good student I know that politeness and respect towards the opponent maintain.

I will not refer to every single point since this might become too small-minded. Apart from that I would repeat myself at some points.

We should keep in mind that HB wrote this article in honour to the fashion month September and includes its team itself in the group of "fashion obsessed"people who "annoy" the others on the social networks such as Instagram. Our behavior can nearly be considered as "we post our life on Instagram" or rather "we are obsessed with ourselves". Even I have heard sentences like "her 'I love myself' fashion-blog''' or "do you have to take a picture of yourself all the time?!" lots of times. I have been considered as a show-off, I was left by people I considered as my friends and I was as well told that my mind wouldn't work further than fashion and I am sure I am not the only one with experiences like these.

To be honest I am a little bit disappointed by HB that it phrased its article about the habits of fashion friends with expressions like "annoying" or "obsessed". This way it seems like it would support the people I and many others made bad experiences with.

I think it is about time that people don't just nod cheerfully about HB's article saying "yes, exactly, that's it! Make it stop!" - and some others nod thinking "oh no, this is me" and feel bad about it - but understand that fashion people belong to the hardest working people in the world. They put their heart and their soul into their passion of fashion and are taking aim for their big dreams of meeting their hard-to-reach idols and be a model, journalist or photographer without being limited in their personaility and whole being or fearing that they can't reach their dream because they don't have the measures or qualities.

Fashion - during the times of economic crisis - has become an even harder competition. You either have to really stand out to be successful or know the right people. I can just motivate everyone to keep on no matter how hard and bad it may seem. Just be yourself because you are perfect and admirable the way you are.
A result of it is as well the tagging and hashtagging which is simply a way to pull attention to us and spread the word about us and eventually be featured.

To shortly refer to the photos of so called "mirror selfies", invitations or workplaces. It is for letting out followers take part at least a little bit in our life, our experiences and our joy of the moment. Why not spreading the positive energy? Selfies are actually a good way - especially for famous people - to show their naturalness and that they are people like you and me.

Despite all thanks to HB for this indeed interesting article. I allowed myself with this to complete it. If you write an article "in honor" to something you can't talk it bad the way you did in my opinion.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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