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Good evening my beloved ones,

September 1st is certainly an internationally important date to save since it is the day when the second World War began in 1933 and so it became the International Day of Piece. Apart from that it's the first day of the new (or first) year of school in most of the countries which makes pupils and parents very excited and overly proud. Last but not least it is the beginning of a new month which is special for a plenty of people.

For me the special thing about September 1st is my birthday. Every moment on that day is a moment of joy and excitement for me as it is probably usual for a birthday child.

I always feel it as a complete blessing to see who remembers me on my special day along with the touching words and wonderful wishes. As you know I belong to the group of people who overly love surprises which is always guaranteed in a birthday... but let my smile speak for me.

As every year I have celebrated it, this year in the circle of my closest ones I have allowed myself some quality time in our noblest restaurant in Hamburg the Alsterpavillion ALEX. That ahead in the night my family was the first to congratulate and sing for me and we welcomed my birthday with a proud bottle. During the day my brother surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers packed in my most favorite color purple.

Thanks to everyone who made my birthday also this year unforgettable and joyful. Thank you for remembering me on my special day and adding your part into my feelings of bless and happiness. I got birthday wishes among others from my favorite singers which made me absolutely freak out of happiness.

And naturally every birthday girl deserves the perfect look: Mine was my dream hair and my most favorite (fashion) colors.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


  1. You looks gorgeous! Happy belated bday beauty

  2. Wow, sweet moments for you! A little 'late happy birthday :-)

  3. Happy Birthday !!.
    Nice dress. Amazing look

  4. You look so pretty!!! Happy Birthday doll!!!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥


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