My Hippie Lives In Shades Blue

Bonjour mes chers,

my hippie lives in shades of cool. She comes out when the sun went down. She is dressed in shades of blue. She is surrounded by this certain romanticism but she keeps her lips sealed. She is looking for an answer but all she does is sending questions to the sky. She is holding big dreams and beliefs which only her eyes may reveal. Because only blue may send it back to her.

Top - New Yorker
Vest - GDM
Skirt with belt - Cache Cache
Wedges and bag - Görtz17
Earrings and blue bracelet - I am
Silver bracelet - New Look
Owl necklace - Tally Weijl
Kayal - Essence
Lipstick - Dior

Xoxo ♥ Johanna


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