White Wishes

Bonsoir my dear friends,

I have already known that this week will be excited :) but I am experiencing more than I was promised really - it might have something to do with my perfect beginning of the new week I have told you about.
The best thing about it is that we can all enjoy new looks à la Johanna-Fall4Me (yes, I enjoy my looks too apart from trying them out and catching eyes - selfish, isn't it? But we all have to be selfish at least a little bit.)
This time I present you another classy one inspired once again by the beautiful Catherine Oxenberg and her looks from "Dynasty".

A white summer Marlene and a white blazer and because the important pieces of the look are already wonderfully white why not making a whole white look? After all it is a trend color this year.

Catherine aka Amanda's specialty in "Dynasty" and at that age were the Marlenes and large blazers with a top or even just a bra underneath and pearls. It is always a big pleasure for me to watch and get inspired by her. Especially because I find myself  in the same age currently and I can identfy myself with her very well.

Pearls: Earrings (H&M), necklace (New Look); blazer - New Yorker; top - H&M; belt - Kookai; Marlene pants - C&A; boots - Texto

Do you have such an idol, too? Who is it?

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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