Summer Glances

Good evening dears,

as I've already let you know I have been truely busy this week with all kinds of stuff. Mostly my last and hardest work for the second semester: group work. And as you certainly can relate it can be a real mess if even only one member is difficult to reach. However this week I have lived some highlights I want to tell you about.

First of all I'd like to welcome the beautiful month August officially, too. August 1st is always a special day for me because then the countdown to my birthday which is on September 1st (just for you to save the date ;) ) begins. Especially last year it was special because I went to see another beautiful fashion show by the designer Liz Malraux on the first row with my mother. Check the post out once again here.

Then - as I've already let you know on Twitter (make sure you're following me) - I was very honoured that the amazing Swedish make-up label IsaDora was now following me on Fashiolista (are you already following me?).

What I love about summer are the light looks in material and make-up. As you might have noticed from my looks - which I constantly upload on Lookbook and Facebook. I'm wearing less (eye) make-up but if I stage my eyes I love to wear - as I love to say it - "cocaine" on my eyes.
Of course I'm just talking about white kayal on my lower eye area which is very modern in summer.

The white eye make-up is always a runner up in the bright and hot summertime because your eyes seem wider and give you a fresher glance.

How do you like it?

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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