To Fall In Love

Hello my wonderful readership,

love is like a lightning - once it hits you it has caught you for a lifetime. It is the most common and elemental feeling in the world: you see something and you get stuck on it forever. To fall in love is being hit by amours arrow at a time and place where you least expect it. You love what you see, you find liking to it and you want it to be yours because you feel this is the thing you have been looking for. Furthermore you know that what your eyes have caught and what your mind does not want to let go of is something that is meant for you. Until it is far from you you can only have the faith and optimism that it will be beautiful with your object caught but once it is on you and something that belongs to you it becomes better than you have dared to ever imagine. Love is something you cannot see but that is always with you.

Huge thanks to Tham and Van from Thanh Nails for this meticulous work on my nails.

Visit Thanh Nails at the Lange Reihe 1 street in Hamburg near the central station to have well done nails like mine and a huge choice of trendy and always up to date colors for every taste.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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