Star-Style #6: Piret Järvis

Tere minu kallid,

star-style #6 on Febuary 6 what an accident, isn't it? Since I don't believe in accidents, no it isn't. In honor to Piret Järvis' 31st birthday I have concluded that it is finally the best time to post the Fall4Me star-style article also about her since she is nearly my number one idol.

What is special about Piret? Or rather what makes her stand out like this to be my number one idol in this plenty of special people on each point of the world? After we shouldn't be so superficial to like a person just for its looks and the character and qualities of a person isn't written on its forehead.
I admit I do not know her in person but I can identify with Piret very well for what she does and (of course) with her style to which I want to refer in the following. How I got to notice her in the end in the first place was her smile and her eyes. In my opinion Piret is the girl with the most beautiful smile and eyes in the world.

Photo: Riina Varol

Let's have a close look at one of Piret's outfits:

Did something come to your mind? ...May I lend a hand?

Unplanned! I swear it! 

Maybe you noticed now but I would like to explain it in my own words once again. I have known Piret now for at least half of my life (or even longer). Apart from her smile and her eyes I feel a certain special connection to her as you saw now. She is known to always comebine something rocky in her casual city chic or elegant ladylike looks which underlines her good taste for fashion and (personal) style. She has always been behind this style but just like me she further developed her personal style more elegant, classy and feminine inspired by the 60s, 80s and 90s with a kickass lipstick as a personal distinguished mark. 

I admit that there was a little period where I let her be and didn't follow her as much but I am happy to see that she still went her way and that we obviously are going the same way and share a pretty equal taste in things.

I wish my angel and idol from my most favorite music band Vanilla Ninja all the best from the bottom of my heart on her special day.

Xoxo ♥ Johanna

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